Blurry Crime Scene Photos

Blurry Photos is a terrific podcast about the mysterious and unexplained with an occasional focus on true crime. My buddy Dave Stecco met co-host David Flora through an improv comedy group in Chicago called Damascus Steel. They discovered their mutual interest in the paranormal and created this bizarre little podcast that is roughly 4 parts research, 1 part theater, and 1 part puns (which are mercifully herded together at the end for those who don’t like that sort of thing.)

I put them in my sidebar podcast list, then discovered that only one of their true crime episodes is actually tagged “true crime,” so I put together this handy-dandy list of BP podcasts of interest for everyone’s convenience.

Episode 104: The Hinterkaifeck Murders “Germany’s strangest and most baffling unsolved crime.”
Episode 111: DB Cooper The disappearing hijacker of Northwest Orient flight 305.
Episode 116: The Bloody Benders The deadliest little house on the 1870s Kansas prairie.
Episode 121: The Shanghai Tunnels of Portland These 19th Century underground warrens of criminal activity might also have been used to kidnap unlucky men and force them to serve as sailors.
Episode 130: Robin Hood A good-looking rebel who lived (or didn’t) by a code of his own.
Episode 132: Elisa Lam Suicide, or murder?
Episode 138: The Salem Witch Trials Mass hysteria!
Episode 151: The Axeman of New Orleans This early 20th Century serial killer remains unidentified.
Episode 153: The Dark Web There is actually something worse than 4chan on the internet.
Episode 154: Josef Mengele The notorious “doctor” of Auschwitz.
Episode 160: Narco Saints Bless you my ruthless sicario.
Episode 164: The Murder of Charles Walton The witches did it!


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