Committed Knitters (See What They Did There?)

Yarnify’s annual Knit Around the Clock fundraiser for Committed Knitters, a non-profit group that provides knitting and crochet instruction to women in the Cook County Jail and Haymarket Center, is coming up this April 29th. I and dozens of others will knit (or crochet) from 6 am to 11 pm to earn pledges from you wonderful people. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of interrupting your regular programming without offering some fine high-quality handmade premiums from my exclusive “I made this to learn something or test knit a pattern for somebody, or as a class sample, now what?” collection in exchange for your donations. Choose any prize from your appropriate level listed below when you make a pledge. All are one of a kind, so when they’re claimed they’re gone!

$15 or more:

Nord Mittens of Dwindling Frost. (Yes, that’s a Skyrim reference; the designer’s husband is a gamer). Women’s size medium, 100% wool. (These mittens are actually the same size as each other. I’m a knitter, not a photographer!)

Puerto Fuy hat. Women’s size Medium. (21” circumference, 10” long). 100% acrylic.

Rolled Brim Beanie. Women’s size Medium. Wool and acrylic. Tunisian crochet in the round!

$25 or more:

Skraut Mittens. Women’s size Medium. 100% wool.

Fair Isle Gloves. Women’s size Medium. Wool and acrylic.

Pathmingle Mitens. Women’s size Medium. 100% wool.

Red Market Bag. 50/50 Cotton & microfiber. More Tunisian crochet!

Ruffled Interlude scarf. 75% wool, 25% nylon. Yet more Tunisian crochet!

$35 or more

Day’s Dawn in Full Bloom Shawlette. Wool and acrylic.

Brioche Shawl. Same basic shape as the Day’s Dawn Shawl. 100% wool, a bit on the rustic side, itch-wise, so an outer layer for sure.

Textured Entrelac cowl. 100% wool.

Alex Scarf. Fully reversible! 100% wool & 70/30% wool/nylon blend. 6 1/4″ x 66″

Chevron Cowl. 100% wool and 70/30% wool/nylon blend. 8 1/4″ x 51″

$50 or more:

Swoopsie Scarf. 100% wool with beads.

Felted Starry Mittens. Women’s M/L. 100% wool.

$200 or more:

Shark Week socks, %100 wool plus dead eyes, like a doll’s eyes. You can see some pictures of the completed socks here. This kit, which was a generous gift from a friend who goes to better fiber festivals than I do, is going for $50 on Ravelry right now; the pattern was only ever available in the kit, the designer–the Tsarina of Tsocks, Lisa Grossman–sadly passed away a couple of years ago, and all her work is tied up in probate for the forseeable future. The pattern instruction booklet is 51 pages long. When I was checking Ravelry for the current price info, I came across one of hundreds of helpful remarks like this:

OK. You’re going to do a lot of skipping around as you knit. The main directions (starting on p. 5) are specific to these Tsocks. Things that are general to Lisa’s patterns are in the Techniques section at the back. So you start on p. 5, as you apparently did. The Toe Shaping directions for increases are on p. 43 in my booklet. If your pagination is different, look for the heading “Toe Shaping from a Toe-tip Cast-on”. (She kind of gives you a hint, by referring on p. 5 to the short row instructions on p. 44, but it’s a rather oblique hint.)

I don’t mind giving up the socks since I’m only knitting them for bragging rights, but if I must also forgo the option of setting them on fire half-way through, I’m gonna need a lot of crochet hooks for my ladies. A lot of crochet hooks. Claimant must provide measurements of the length and circumference of the recipient foot before I cast on.

Checks should be made out to Committed Knitters, and I would like to collect them by the event on April 29th. If you are interested, please contact me via the contact form with intended pledge amount, your email address, and your shipping address.

April 28 update: Now that we’re getting down to the wire, contact me for a Paypal address you may use for donations if you’d prefer.


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