The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

I’m late to this party because I don’t have HBO (I finally gave up on waiting for streaming and got the discs sent via Netflix), but this 6-part documentary might be the most satisfying true crime story ever filmed. It is almost certainly the only real murder mystery in nature that plays out exactly like an Agatha Christie novel, with murders committed solely to cover up other murders, and a final staged confrontation with the killer that actually shakes something loose.

Durst now claims he was on meth during the final interview in The Jinx. Well, in that case … what exactly? You’re a really old rich guy who does meth on top of everything else? (No link because so many spoilers. See The Jinx then do online research.)

Highly recommended. I need to see the Ryan Gosling movie about this guy now too, by the same director.


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