Chicago Serial Killer News

Well, here’s an odd story from Patch about the probable serial killer(s) operating on the South Side of Chicago over the last few years. Odd because of this incorrect claim:

Another mystery is the way the killings stopped in February 2014, with the discovery of Diamond Turner’s body in a garbage can, and did not start again until June 2017, with the death of Catherine Saterfield-Buchanan.

“Maybe this guy was in prison,” said Greg Greer, a Chicago minister and founder of Freedom First international, a human rights organization.”

First, Diamond Turner was found in March of 2017; I’m not sure who the 2014 victim the reporter might be referring to was. (Some other possible victims fitting the pattern are mentioned in this Vice story). Second, there is an excellent (some would say slam-dunk) suspect in the Diamond Turner case, who was inexplicably released from Cook County Jail early this year after being sentenced to only 150 days for “concealment of a corpse” when he was discovered trying to hide the body of a stabbing victim. For most of us, being spotted wheeling a murder victim around in a shopping cart would lead directly to a murder charge, but not for Arthur Hilliard.

According to the ABC story linked above on Hilliard’s release, two  years out from Diamond Turner’s death, Chicago police were still awaiting results of a DNA test. Meaning they’ve had DNA evidence in a homicide with a prime suspect that they’ve been sitting on for two years while Chicago women keep turning up in garbage cans. So there’s one possible explanation for why Chicago homicide detectives don’t really want to see Hilliard in court, I guess.

Or maybe they really are trying but they just aren’t very good at it? The last part of this quote from the Patch story doesn’t fill me with confidence:

So far, police have not reported any breakthroughs or any firm connections between the slayings. In 21 killings where DNA evidence was recovered, the genetic evidence belonged to 21 different people.

The man overseeing the six detectives assigned to the slayings said he does not believe there are “one or two bad guys traveling the city,” preying on women.

The idea of an assailant who is “skipping the white prostitutes to kill the black ones, that doesn’t make sense,” Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said.

Aside from literally everything we know about serial killers it doesn’t make sense, he means.




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