Prison Rape

I came across this YouTube video, “Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs,” on my FB feed the other day. It’s about the shameful treatment of sexual violence against men in popular culture, and, as you might expect, prison rape is a recurring theme. However, the video falls down, hard, when it gets around to […]

State of Mind

I started listening to the 16 Shots podcast in order to learn more about how the court could have ended up with such a white jury in the trial of Jason Van Dyke. It turns out I had forgotten that Cook County is whiter than the city of Chicago (it is about 24% black rather […]

Nothing But Rest for the Wicked

Well, isn’t that interesting. Clarence Thomas didn’t watch Anita Hill’s Testimony either. (See page 160 of the transcript, here.) The transcript doesn’t convey Leahy’s evident surprise at Thomas’ response, which I remember noticing at the time. Later on tv some news commentators claimed that as an attorney Leahy would have known that this is usually […]

The Unknown Bridesmaid

The Unknown Bridesmaid, by Margaret Forster This was recommended by a friend, and with good reason it turns out. A child psychologist in the process of becoming a magistrate sorts through her troubled childhood, in what turns into a meditation on the razor-thin margin separating the criminal and antisocial from the legal and (putatively) normal. […]

Neighborhood Watch FTW

So last night I had dinner with a friend, and after she’d left me at my door and I’d gotten one shoe off, she called me. “I’m standing here looking at a car on your corner, and it looks like the man inside is dead.” “Woah.” “I don’t want to be one of those people […]