Over-ruffled Ruffle Scarf

Here’s a ruffled scarf in Tunisian crochet (from Cheryl Thies’ Tunisian Crochet Encore) that I’ll be teaching at Yarnify in April. It’s a good beginner pattern, made entirely in Tunisian simple stitch and extended simple stitch, but with short rows to keep it interesting. Though not interesting enough to prevent me from deciding I’d memorized […]

Magical Bullet Detector

The Mayor’s office is claiming a 60% drop in shootings in Englewood in February due to the Shotspotter program, an automated system that detects and reports gunshots immediately to the police department, helping police arrive at the scene of a shooting a reported average of 3 to 4 minutes sooner. Predictably, Second City Cop is […]

Stranded Gloves

I’m going to be teaching a class at Yarnify in March* on how to make these gloves, which are made from a free DROPS pattern. (I left the top one unblocked to help students be less critical about tension issues while the work is on the needles.) DROPS is a Norwegian yarn company that publishes […]

Blurry Leaf, Squishy Hat

Well, my attempt at Rustle of Leaves has failed due to insufficient contrast, even though the hand-dyed looks so much darker in the skein than the Cascade. Can you tell that’s supposed to be a leaf? Nobody at my Friday crochet meet-up could. I don’t think I have time to start again with different yarns, […]